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Table of Contents


1.    What is a Travel Community?

2.    Why are Travel Communities important to businesses in the Hotel Recreation Tourism branch?

3.    Different sorts of Travel Communities

4.    Examples of Travel Communities

5.    Examples of Direct Booking Sites

6.    Examples of Travel Search Engines




1.    What is a Travel Community?


A travel community is an independent platform where travelers (community members) can exchange information freely. The information exchange is fairly objective and reflects the travel experience of the community members.


Nowadays, more and more commercial organizations in the travel industry start their own travel community.




2.    Why are Travel Communities important to businesses in the Hotel Recreation Tourism branch?


The image of a company can be made or broken in a community. Since the community members can exchange information freely and independently, they don’t have to fear any consequences for giving negative information.


In some cultures people tend to be especially critical. For example in the Dutch and German culture J. Negative information exchange about your company will cost you a lot of goodwill and damages the reputation of your company.


On the other site: a lot of positive reviews can cause a ‘snowball effect’ where the positive information about your company flows like a virus in between the travel community. This is also called a viral marketing effect.


But always keep in mind: your company doesn’t do the (viral) marketing. The community members do. And it is extremely difficult to influence this process.

Therefore my advice is: you better have your product right! So you can profit from a positive viral marketing effect in between the community.




3.    Different sorts of Travel Communities


Travel Communities can have different target audiences. Some target at man vs. women. Others focus at the young (for example: backpackers) or at the somewhat older generations (for example: retired persons).



4.    Examples of Travel Communities are:




In the Netherlands: Founded in 1999. This site has got thousands of travel stories that score well  at the middle age target group. The biggest travel community in the Netherlands with 400.000 reviews.




In Germany:




International Travel Communities At this moment the biggest travel community in the world with 20 million visitors per month. One of the first online travel communities and at the moment one of the biggest, with 5 million visitors per month. Founded in Australia in 1999. The forum has got 1 million visitors per month. An American Travel Site also founded in 1999. Aimed at a some younger target group of backpackers. More than one hundred thousand members and circa one million visitors per month. Developed in 2003 through the Dutch brothers Peter and Samuel Daams. Peter lives now in Australia. Samuel operates from Norway.



5.    Examples of Direct International Direct Booking Sites



Dutch Direct Booking Sites



German Direct Booking Sites



International Direct Booking Sites




6.    International Travel Search Engines




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